Marbella Hotel Convention & Spa

Marbella Hotel, Convention & Spa is located in Anyer on the western tip of Java Island and only 90 minutes drive from Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta. Anyer is an enchanting place where the tropical sea dances to the beat of the Flamenco. Marbella Hotel, Convention & Spa is one of the finest Resort Hotels on • Read More »

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Villa Stefan

Villa Stefan is a private luxurious villa residence that is also close to restaurants, hotels, and the numerous sport activities available in Anyer. The villa can be rented long term or for just one night. To ensure the exclusivity and privacy of the guest, the villa is rented to only one party at a time • Read More »

The Jayakarta Anyer Beach Resorts

The Jayakarta Anyer Hotel is a world class in terms of clean air, gentle breezes, and natural beauty panorama with sea view facing to the legendary Volcano of Krakatau, whose eruption in 1883 was felt almost across the globe. On the other side, a beautiful Shanghyang Island has a beautiful coral area for diving or • Read More »

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Patra Jasa Anyer Beach Resort

Patra Jasa Anyer located close to major attractions such as Cigumawang Waterfall and The Old Banten Baduy Village. All 70 cottage-style rooms overlooking the ocean with exclusive in-room amenities.Only 90 minutes away from Jakarta, the resort is strategically located on the area’s only manicured, beautiful white-sandy beaches with exotic views of the Sunda Strait and • Read More »

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Le Dian Hotel

Le Dian Hotel is designed based on a concept of embracing innovative and creative architecture with local inspiration. Le Dian Hotel has an impressive range of both business and leisure facilities which includes a ballroom to cater up to 450 people plus 10 meeting rooms to accommodate 10 to 150 people, restaurant, lobby lounge, pool • Read More »

Sanghyang Indah Spa Resort

Sanghyang Indah Spa Resort adalah satu-satunya resort dengan fasilitas Natural Hotspring Spa di Banten. Lokasinya Hanya 80 Menit dari Jakarta, resor ini dikelilingi oleh pohon kayu jati dan pohon kelapa. Resort Ini adalah tempat yang tepat untuk berlibur dekat dengan pantai. Untuk bertualang, ada olahraga air tersedia berbagai macam dan bagi orang-orang kota yang mencari • Read More »

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